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For Toni Mngoma, the definition of a dream delayed is not a destiny denied. For as long as she can remember the only thing she’s ever wanted to do was stand in front of an audience and sing. And this soulful singer is showing no sign of giving up on that dream anytime soon. “My earliest memories of my singing aspirations, was during an innocent conversation with my mother. I was 4 years old when she asked me what I wanted to be in life. My confident response was “Brenda Fassie”, says Toni (29).

And to this day, that dream has not changed. “Now, I want to set the world alight with magic and power through my voice, my music and art.” The King of Pop, Michael Jackson also had a great influence on Toni when growing up.

Born in KwaZulu-Natal, she, with her mother and siblings moved to Johannesburg . Raised in single parent home taught me resilience and strength packaged in regal and grace. “I have unshakable support from my family. And this is enough motivation for me to pursue my destiny – to showcase my talents and be the ultimate best that I can be,” she says.
“What people should know about me: Is that I am such a lover. I love to shower people with love and that can be a bit overbearing sometimes but I cannot help it. I can moonwalk as good as Michael Jackson lol, still trying to figure out how to do that in heels and make it look sexy lol. I love learning new information and that is why I am so passionate about reading and history, particularly African history. Lover of all things art, I paint, draw, act, sing.”

When it is my time to leave this world, I want to leave a magic people and the world will speak of for many generations to come, to shine a light bright enough make a great positive difference to the world and inspires to be the absolute best version of themselves. Her favourite quote is: Magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone. For when you let go of your fears, you automatically start operating from of place of love, power and sound mind.

Toni’s first single, “Touch the Sky”, written by hit-maker Daniel Baron, will be released in January 2019.

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She can easily and with much comfort reach top notes in her vocals. Her vivacious stage personality is enough to engage any audience member. Mona Delore, from Brits, has successfully mastered the art of capturing her audience and keeping them entertained with her singing.

Born in Rustenburg, this farm girl at heart has always been passionate about making music. She is currently busy with her first CD that will be released soon. Mona started singing in church at a very young age and has since performed at many competitive singing platforms. She attended the Malie Kelly Vocal Academy where she soon realised her dream of becoming a singer.

Mona is a diverse performer with a very strong voice that can melt your heart away through most genres such as gospel, jazz, pop, rock, country and even opera. “I love music that touches the heart and I love entertaining people – old and young,” says Mona. Just about six months ago, she entered the Copperstone Talent Search Competition 2018 and it has been an amazing experience for this upcoming star as she is one of the Top 5 contestants in the competition.

“The competition has taught me so much about helping others, becoming an artist with a purpose and has moulded me to become a better performer,” she said. Singing is not her only passion it seems, Mona now studies make-up and styling at Face-to-Face Beauty school to showcase her other skills and qualities.


For a few years now, Abbott Sky has entertained audiences all over Gauteng with their thrilling live performances. After winning the first Talent Search competition, Abbott Sky is now under management of COPPERSTONE and Red Dot PR.

In their winning year you can expect to see even more of them, performing at various events and festivals, corporate functions and private parties. Red Dot PR will also arrange media interviews for them, assuring that even more people get to see this phenomenal band live.

Also look out for their first singles, to be released in June this year!

To stay informed with all Abbott Sky’s updates and to see where they’ll be performing next, visit their WEBSITE HERE, and be sure to follow them on their social media platforms.


Despite her relatively new ascension onto the music scene, it’s pretty clear that Jamie was always meant for this. Her youthful zest and ability to make each song her own, was the reason Jamie became the runner-up for our first Talent Search competition in 2017.

We can’t wait for the release of her debut single in July! Jamie’s playful pop, with a beautifully somber edge, as well as her very entertaining stage performances, will assure that she is here to stay. Remember her name, you’re going to hear a lot from this dynamic little lady.

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