Jacques is the Founder and CEO of COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency, and owner of Talent Search SA. He is also a financial planner, a guest house owner, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, blogger, cook, coffeeholic and is fascinated by all things pop-culture.

He loves to stream anything worth watching, likes all genres of music, the theatre, live performances, seafood, Pinotage and cooking- and game shows. He also has a spine-chilling fear of snakes and Crocs (the shoes not the animal). He is a producer and architect of any idea worthy of keeping his attention for longer than 5 minutes. Some people call him a marketing guru- he never corrects them.

He is proud to be South African, has a lot of opinions, pretty hair and is much cooler online than in real life.


George was 5 years old when he, together with his sister Anne and older brother Bertus, won his first singing competition. At the age of 21 he won the OFM (then Radio Oranje) Singing Talent Competion as well as The Star’s Model of the Year and was chosen by New Face Model Agency to travel to Milan where he became a sought after Dolce & Gabana model.

Deciding to amass a wealth of experience, George worked around the world for the following 11 years for a royal family where he performed exclusively at VIP functions in various countries including Dubai, London, Italy, Spain, Morocco and France. In 2006, he came second in SABC2’s Supersterre and released 2 successful albums with Sony Music.

He reckons he’s a force to be reckoned with. His hobbies include sweets, chocolate, tequila and dinner. He has better hair than Donald Trump, wears glasses to look smart and lives vicariously through himself


Gavin has worked in the media industry for 14 years for various newspapers and magazines as an Entertainment Reporter and editor. This allowed him to meet and have lunches with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He has ruffled his fair amount of feathers while presenting a gossip show on KykNet and chasing scandalous exposes while being an editor.

Today, he is a published author, radio host and owns Red Dot Marketing & Communications, and has been involved with COPPERSTONE for the past 6 years.

He believes he is as shiny as his lip-gloss and as bubbly as his favourite bottle of champagne. He is recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things, and puts the elation in Public Relations.


Veronique started singing professionally when she was still in school, in Grade 8, and has been performing for over two decades.

She first rose to fame when she placed fourth in the third season of the M-Net reality competition series Idols, in 2005. In 2016 she won a spot on Karen Zoid’s team in The Voice SA, and was the inhouse vocalist on the M-Net reality competition series Dancing with the Stars. She has performed all over the world and loves sharing her knowledge with up-and-coming artists,

She is the illegitimate love child of Talent and Creativity, a mix tape aficionado, acts like summer and walks like rain and loves spreading smiles and pixie dust.


Rialien is the editor for Get It Joburg West magazine, been in the media industry for 14 years, a multi-tasker, a crazy cat lady who adores all things animals and appreciates all the finer things in life like proper champagne and red wine. Attending (what seems to be) over a thousand social events can also be added to her resumé.

Rialien’s been involved with COPPERSTONE for the past 9 years. Once upon a time, she was a newspaper journo chasing accidents, fires and crime stories. She counts charity work, music, theatre, food, and MasterChef among her myriad of interests.

She is a determined dreamer, a paper-cut survivor and has been called a Pollyanna, sugar-coated idealist. She likes to think of herself as more optimistic than that.