If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know.

We are proud to announce this year’s 12 Finalists who will battle it out to win this year’s Talent Search SA competition:

My name is Dan and I am 72 years old. After I was given a second chance in life as I am a cancer survivor. I started by arranging sing-a longs for people at old age homes where we all sang out of song books and was accompanied by a piano. One day people asked me to do a solo. I prepared a gospel song and that was it. I never knew that I could sing until that day.

I enjoy entertaining people with the talent I was given and hope to win this competition to enable me to further my opportunity to entertain and please people with my songs and voice.

At  a  young  age  I  started  singing at church , where  my  mom  would write  me  the  songs  she  sang  back  in  her  days. And every time when  the  church  was  out  I  would  notice  the choristers  talking  to  my  mom  about  my voice  and  singing  and  how  they would  love  to  train  me . I  was raised  by  both  my  parents  until my  dad  started  abusing  alcohol and  whenever  he  came back  he would  wake  us  all  up  and  beat my   mom.

So  I got  fed  up because  my  mom  couldn’t  let  this abusive  man  go  I  started closing  my  self  in  my  room  and listened  to  music  from  my  phone using  earphones  on  the  highest peak  of  the  volume  so  that  I couldn’t  hear  the  sounds  of  my mom  crying  or  arguing. That’s when  I  started  writing  my  feelings  down  while  listening  to  gospel  and  waiting  for  the fight  to  end , so  that  I  can  go  back  to sleep. Music  brought  healing  and hope  in  my life  from  a  very  young  age.

Chane is currently a Gr11 pupil at a Highschool in Centurion and will matriculate in 2020. She has just been elected as a prefect to serve on the “LLR” for 2020.

Her music and vocal teacher at primary school encouraged her to enter local competitions, and she soon thereafter joined the music school Swallow 15. This experience allowed her to enter the South African Talent Championship (SATCH) in 2017 where she progressed through the provincial competition and made it to the national finals held in Rustenburg

2018 kicked off as an eventful year with her biggest supporter, her dad who purchased vocal lessons at an auction for her. This led to Chané recording her first EP with the vocal coaching and assistance from Jacques Terre’blanche, Idols second season finalists of 2003.

Attending the final event of the 2018 Copperstone Talent Search 2018 Chané made the decision – she wanted to be on that stage showing the world what she could do. And now the time is here, and she is ready to have the world at her feet!!

Tlholego Mogolodi Keebine, was born and raised in Kempton park . He is currently in Grade 9 at Hoerskool Birchleigh. He is a freestyler of note. His mom recognised his talent and searched for a dance studio for him.  With a background of artists on the maternal side of the family, his mom thought it would be best to develop his dancing ability at a young age.

He started dancing in 2015 at the age of 11 and has been growing strong ever since. Within six months after joining a dance school he entered his first competition ‘Dancer of The Year’ which he won. He won several dance competitions after that including ‘Battle of Giants’ competition in 2017 leading him right into being on a hip hop dance championship level.

He wanted to do more than one dance genre however was unable to because of financial constraints as he is raised by his mom who is single parent. His dad left the family when he was six years old. He used dance to escape the pain from living without a father, not easy for a boy. Dance is a more than a passion to him, it is a way of life. 

His highlight is making it to the finals of “Talent Search SA’ competition on the 1st of September 2019. 

Natalie Refilwe Mokgothu, aged 25, is a classical singer from Roodekop, Germiston, who is currently studying Vocal Art at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. With her growing passion for classical music, She has for the first time ever been selected as a finalist for the Talent Search South Africa Competition.

She loved music at a very tender age. Growing up, she would listen to radio stations such as Jacaranda and Highveld Stereo and her Grandmother, having noticed her love for music would record some of her favourite songs on a cassette tape.

She aspired to be a famous actress or musician even though her parents wanted her in the line of Medicine and Engineering. “I remember I once wrote a letter to Santa Claus, requesting a violin for Christmas. That was how much I loved music, more especially in the classical genre.”

She participated in choirs and singing competitions in both primary and high school. She would one day love to be a Performer, Conductor, Composer or Adjudicator for the classical music genre.

“Getting to the finals of this competition is beyond my imagination and it is the greatest achievement in my days of living. It goes to show that if you go after what you are passionate about, the achievements will be immeasurable.”

My name is Diandré and I am a 26-year-old singer-songwriter. I was created in the Free State, adopted in Pretoria and taught all I know of life in Kempton Park.

I’ve been singing since before I could form proper sentences and was lucky enough to tour Europe twice while singing in the East Rand Youth Choir in high school. I am a jack of all trades and can play instruments by ear. I have UNISA and Royal schools grades in Piano and Violin and am self-taught with Guitar and Ukelele. Put any other instrument in my hand for longer than 10 minutes and I’ll play that too.

I am a classicaly trained singer who writes country-style music. I still cut CD’s with my favourite mixes on and animals make me itch – but I love them anyway!

With so much fake in the world, I want to bring back the real. Real people. Real stories. Real lyrics. Real music.

Welcome Bongani Jika, a father of two, busy studying Business Management strives to be the ultimate role model – not only for his two boys but for people from rural areas to show them that they are not different from those living in urban areas. “You can achieve anything in life only if you believe in it.”

The humble, multi-talented man behind the powerful operatic voice started singing in 2008, entered several music competitions with his highlight being a finalist for Talent Search SA. He strongly believes that he has what it takes to win this competition. “I’m involved in community work in my spare time, so this competition will offer me the platform to even give back more as an artist with a purpose.”

There is no doubt that this cross-over opera artist was born to delight the world with his powerful voice and to be an inspiration to all those crossing his path.

Discovering her passion for music at an early age, Nadia Zara’s love for music blossomed when she started to participate in local choirs and small independent competitions. But what we can admire from Nadia is the determination she has. Her motto in life is simple – “If you can dream, you have already done it, and, by being on stage, doing what I love, I have achieved what I have dreamt about.”

She might not be the tallest in the room, however, do not underestimate her strong voice … Nadia describes herself as a passionate and caring person who loves visiting the theatre, watching movies, going on coffee dates with her friends and spending some time alone watching her favourite programmes.

Gonwayne is a 32 old vocalist from Cape Town. He grew up on the Cape Flats, Mitchells Plain. He started singing in church, at the age of 16 years old and grew is vocal ability from there. You have to hear his pitch. It is as high as Mount Everest.

He always had the mind set of doing better everyday and has a hunger for success. He studied a degree in Pharmacy, and qualified as a Pharmacist in 2011. He is currently, also, studying towards completing a Bcom degree. Yes, he is as versatile as fettuccine.

Gonwayne believes in doing anything you desire. He loves make-up artistry and occasionally does make-up for matric dances and functions. Ask him to show you his make-up bag. You might get lost searching for the perfect eye shadow or smudge brush.

He loves the idea of achieving success and, prefers to be considered as limitless. He is a huge advocate for further education and loves to mix academics and talent.  He want to learn new things and loves making all kinds of soup, besides butternut.

Also known as Lebo Sekhoto, LPS’s first brush with music, at a very young age, was when she got the chance to sing for Lebo M. Even though she only sang the intro, being exposed to music in such a powerful way, “One By One”, fueled her passion for music.

A gentle soul, kind hearted person but with the spirit of a lion, her aspirations landed her in Switzerland where she began singing for banquets, corporate and special events in and around Montreux, Switzerland. This led to Mr Claude Nobs (Founder of The Montreux Jazz Festival) himself choosing her, to feature at the Montreux Jazz Festival for the Miriam Makeba tribute in the iconic Auditorium Stravinski.

From opening for the Narrow leading a rock band (Apollo 7) to featuring on “I Don’t Get it” (MiddleGround)  that was picked up by Soul Candi to collaborating with a swing/jazz band (Jazz Company) to being the opening act at the Huawei Kday there seems to be no limit to LPS and her career.

Shae 11 and Joshua 13 both started dancing Latin and Ballroom at a very young age. Together they have been dance partners for 5years, both different personalities which makes them the perfect Yin and Yang. Shae loves Latin and Joshua loves Ballroom. They practice for 2 hours 3 times a week and with that said they have competed in numerous competitions and always achieve top 3.

This year June 2019 they won the Junior Championship section at the Provincial Dance Competition which was held in Oudtshoorn.  The aim is to get their Western Province colours and eventually make it to the SA Team so that they can compete internationally.

Shaé entered the competition because she is very competitive, and dancing taught her to be disciplined and to work hard.   Shaé is a confident young girl and believes that everyone has been blessed with a talent “I would like other girls to  be confident with themselves, their bodies, their abilities and be proud of who they are.”

Joshua entered to showcase his skills that his developed over the years, in the past he was teased by other boys calling it a “gay sport”. Joshua thinks winning this competition will show other boys his age that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Latin and Ballroom dancing as a sport. “ I think dancing is a perfect platform to show boys at a young age how to treat women, as this sport is all about partnership and trust.

Ndu was Born On January 20, 1990 In Port Shelton Hospital, the son of Mildred and Raymond Ngcongo. He participated in school choruses until joining the Durban chorus. With his baritone voice he started performing as a wedding singer since the age of 16.

He became noticed as KZN’s first black country singer. He loves showcasing his talent by giving back to the community and to uplift and unite people. He believes that music can change the world.

This year’s GALA Event will take place at Indaba Hotel , Spa & Conference Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg on Saturday 23 November.

“Talent is a dreadfully cheap commodity, cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work”.  
Stephen King