In 2017 COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency started the Talent Search South Africa competition to not only give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent, but also to do good. The purpose of the competition is to assist talented acts with the potential for commercial growth and to break through into the entertainment industry.

The competition aims to create Artists with a Purpose. Contestants must perform various challenges during the run of the competition. From doing charity drives and raising funds for various needy organisations, to running their own events and marketing drives, contestants who have never been subjected to the entertainment industry on a big scale, are judged on their abilities to drive their own brands. They receive support throughout the year by numerous successful, established artists in the industry.

Music is a major form of response to the world. It is often an attempt to capture an aspect of the world, to draw attention to something about it, to comment on it, to present a surprising or fresh angle on it, to represent it for the sake of exploring something about it, or enjoying or celebrating it.

After years of doing high-profiled charity events, it was a logical spin-off for COPPERSTONE Event Production & Creative Agency to start a competition to find artists who share the same core beliefs as what COPPERSTONE stands for.

We have always used artists who believe in our charity projects and who support it. At our events we are always looking for fresh local talent- so it just made sense to start our own Talent Search competition, where we could find South Africa’s top singing talent who also believe in giving back and stand by COPPERSTONE’s philosophy- to treat others the way we wish to be treated. We have long lived by the mantra, “doing well by doing good.” This philosophy is demonstrated through our core values and involvement in charitable efforts. Since COPPERSTONE was established, charity events and supporting NGO’s and other charitable causes have been at the core of what we do.

This year we also included variety acts to compete in the competition.

When artists respond and express, whether or not also to urge a point, entertain, distract, support a revolution and the rest, they produce something that someone else will react to in some way. And that is what any form of creative arts is supposed to do: namely, that by its relationship with its audience it has the power to make something move in the realm of thought and emotion, where such movement is life.

Giving back to the community is a huge part of living a rewarding life; especially for artists, who often have a natural desire to give back. Artists have a special gift and knack for inspiring those who feel downtrodden by life. Music and art can motivate and encourage those who’s spirits are down and need a lift – something we would like to achieve through this competition and the platform we created.

Talent Search SA is not a reality show, it’s a competition where we work with and mould new and up-and-coming talent for a career in the entertainment industry. We have incredible established artists to assist in becoming the best artist you can be. A year of hard work, marketing drives, charity campaigns, performances and eliminations and master-classes will assist you in making it in a saturated industry.

Recording deals are few and far between these days, and most require a 360 degree contract. They own your songs, persona and merchandising. (You make the most money off merchandise.) They dictate everything about your life, and you are not always allowed to be your own songwriter.

If you want to become a superstar, the odds are not in your favour. And frankly, the deals are bad. But if you want to make a living in the music industry, it is doable. It does mean you may need to work in 2 or 3 bands, learn new instruments, become skilled at mixing, marketing and be willing to play and sing when you don’t want to.

We are the biggest independent Talent Search competition in the country. On top of getting you ready for your big break in the market and visibility on a big stage, the winner will also receive prizes in excess of R100 000, which includes holidays, pamper and beauty items, and a management and publicity contract.

On the 15th of March 2019, our current winner, Toni Mngoma’s debut single, “Touch the Sky”, written and produced by Daniel Baron, was released on all major radio stations and online music distributing platforms. We are super excited about the single and look forward to see her touch the sky with her new-found success.

Toni Mngoma- “Touch the Sky”

Entries are now closed for this year’s competition. Entries will open again in April 2020.


At COPPERSTONE we eat, live and breathe music. Each time we hear a musical pattern that is new to our ears, our brains try to make an association through whatever visual, auditory and other sensory cues accompany it; we try to contextualise the new sounds, and eventually, we create these memory links between a particular set of notes and a particular place, time, or set of events.

We want to create memories with you as well as keep you updated on the competition. We created a blog to highlight the phenomenal talent this country has to offer, the music we love, the songs which inspire us and those tracks which form a soundtrack to our lives.